RDN Exam Study Program


RDN Exam Study Program

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Registration Examination for Dietitians (RDN Exam)

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The California WIC program supports employees and WIC dietetic internship graduates to pass the national Registration Examination for Dietitians (RD exam) through the e-RD-2b Study Program.  Employees and graduates who completed the requirements for dietetic registration within one year of graduation from a dietetic internship are qualified to participate in e-RD-2b Study Program.  The Study Program is an intensive 6-8 week course based on current research and the expertise of education specialists. Passing the RD exam is more than having the knowledge; it’s also about learning and practicing effective study and testing skills. The program’s interactive, self-paced and innovative online  learning technology is used to promote achievement in passing the exam. The education experience is comprehensive and addresses learning needs of diverse students using the following methods:

  • Small  group online classes: Live webinar classes are presented by experts in the subject area of Management, Food Service Systems, Clinical Nutrition and Study and Testing Skills. Classes are reviewed and revised annually to stay current with the Commission on Dietetic Registration Guidelines.
  • WIC Dietetic Internship libraries: The most current study resources are reviewed by faculty and internship directors and are available for use.
  • Web-based RD Exam testing program: The program simulates the RD exam format to enhance learning and build essential test-taking skills required to pass the exam.
  • Individualized Study Plan:  DI Directors/Coordinators work with students to develop an individualized study plan and monitor progress and provide assistance and additional resources as indicated to ensure success passing the RD exam.

It wasn’t like tests I had in college, there were questions where two choices looked correct.  I used the testing skills we learned to breakdown the question, find key words and compare choices to find the best answer, this was a big help passing the exam. ~Dietetic Intern

Participation Requirements

  • You must be a graduate from a California WIC dietetic internship or employee and completed the requirements for dietetic registration within one year of graduation from a dietetic internship.
  • Complete and submit the e-RD-2b Student Agreement form to the WIC Dietetic Internship Director/Coordinator.
  • Attend program orientation and 6 live Webinar classes held in the evening.
  • Submit a 6-week study plan.
  • Complete a minimum of 150 practice questions every week on the Web-based testing program.

WIC DI graduates and WIC employees may contact the WIC Dietetic Internship Directors/Coordinators for more information.

The classes were great and the speakers brought real-life experiences that helped me look at questions and “see” the situation or condition of a patient and to make the best decision based on the information I had. ~Dietetic Intern

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